The long summer

Yes, it has been a while since I last posted … on a different URL, to boot. But I have excuses, lots of them.

There were the trips that we took: to visit with the Reynolds clan in Seaside Park on the Jersey shore, to NYC twice for the preliminaries to DBS surgery, and of course, the annual trek to Chebeague Island, Maine. Somehow the weather turned dry and warm whenebver we were on the road, but otherwise it was cold and rainy damp.

Then there was the volunteer activity. The summer was consumed primarily in the never-ending quest to hurry up and hire an administrator for the school whose board I’ve chair. Even with hurry-up authority from the board, and a committee that was active despite the vacation schedules, it took nearly six weeks to resolve the first round with a single (outstanding) candidate. A similar hurry-up process with a second, outstanding, candidate resolved itself last week — hooray!

I’ve been happily practicing some of my InDesign chops on the congregational newsletter. Unfortunately, two of the last three were done while I was on the road, either at Chebeague or, for the last issue, the night after flying into Pittsburgh for the funeral of my wife’s grandmother, age 100. That came directly on the heels of a funeral for a favorite uncle in NYC, with the two nights in between occupied by a school board meeting and a speech to more than 200 in Burlington (we flew to Pittsburgh the next morning).

Not that I’m complaining. It’s a miracle that I can do any of this, and I’m thankful for it several times a day. The laptop was in for repairs overnight last night, and I hardly knew what to do with myself. So I started cleaning the office … and plotting my return to a weblog. So here I am. Welcome to all who find their way to this post. Hopefully you got here only after slogging your way through loads of even fresher content!