Far Out! Far-Infrared Detox Foot Bath

It sounds pretty wacky, and it is, but in a good way. My long-time masseuse, Shelly, set me up with this spa treatment. Here’s what I experienced today:

With both feet immersed in a large bowl of clean water, an “ionizer” is placed in the bath. It’s connected to a control unit that also leads to a fingertip electrode and a “far infrared” belt that wrapped around my waist (clothes on). Lisa, the person setting me up, then handed me a laminated card with info on what I could expect.

During the course of the half hour, the bowl went from crystal clear to something I left in the toilet the last time I had the flu. Not pretty. I couldn’t see my toes a few inches down in the water, a color somehwere between green and brown with persistent bubbles and a cloudiness rather like chicken bullion. The laminated card had a legend that explained what the colors meant: brown means the colon is being detoxified, bubbles mean alcohol byproducts are being drawn out of the body, and so forth. I had a good number of bubbles, even though I’m not much of a drinker. The color of the water corresponded with muscles and joints being detoxified. But the turbidity — serious cloudiness — also correlates to “toxic overload.”

That water was seriously nasty, and there was no way it was being generated by some bit of trickery. To think of all that yuck being drawn out through the feet … what a mind-blower. Did I feel different afterward? Well, yes, I guess I did. I felt, and still feel, a little more clearheaded and alert. And besides, when it was over, my feet weren’t sweating any brownish goop, so what’s there to complain about?

Lisa said the electrode on the fingertip was part of a system of warming the viscera (internal organs, like liver, kidneys, etc) via the far-infrared belt. Far out! Only thing is that I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this after the DBS unit is installed — the electrical current might be a problem. Suzanne says I should go back a couple of times before heading down for the surgery. I’ll see what the schedule allows … and I can probably do the FIR sauna as an alternative.

A Google search turns up quite a few references, but not much in the way of science. But there is something there there.