Meet My DBS Team

I am truly fortunate to be working with some of the best neurologists and neurosurgeons in the United States. I do not say that that lightly.

The publications lists may be out of date, but a PubMed search will give you an indication of the depth of the New York team’s experience. (I can’t link directly to the search, but copy this text: tagliati m OR alterman r and enter it into the search box on this page).

The Burlington team may not be cited as often, but their clinical expertise is beyond question. How many doctors are honored by their patients and colleagues with testimonial dinners without any mention of retirement?

In New York:

Consulting Neurologist: Dr. Michele Tagliati

Neurosurgeon: Dr. Ron Alterman

In Burlington, Vermont:

Device Tuning and Medical Management: Dr. James Boyd

Consulting Neurologist, Eminence Grise, and Coolest Guy to Ever Wear a Bow Tie: Dr. Robert Hamill