DBS Journal: Admission Day

We’ve received so much support, and so many e-mails, heading into this big day. It is simply awesome to have so many cheerleaders. It eases the anxiety, which is only just now starting to mount for me. (I was wondering when that might happen — I’ve been a little worried about the lack of tension.)

We had a fine breakfast with one of my college roommates this morning at Sarabeth’s. It was terrific catching up on all that we’ve missed in recent years. Had a similar phone call from another college friend, easily 20 years since we had last spoken. FaceBook has been a great re-discovery tool. I look forward to catching up with many more of you.

At some point this afternoon, I’ll get the call summoning me to admissions. It’s likely that I won’t be posting again until I’m discharged Saturday. But I will be teaching my travel companions how to send an update e-mail in my absence. I look forward to this procedure being over, and to sharing the experience here when I’m recovered sufficiently.

Off to the gym now for a workout. Bye-bye, for now.