Day 15: Giving Thanks (cough-cough)

It was one hell of a week, but we persevered. IEB came home from the hospital Wednesday night after being diagnosed and treated for type 1 diabetes. She’s doing great. Unfortunately, her parents both have the cough that has plagued Graham, in the wake of his flu. Who says you can’t have it all?

At this point, the surgery really is pretty much in the past. The wounds continue to heal; my hair has grown in enough that I don’t need to wear a bandana. The incision sites aren’t so swollen anymore, although I’m a little curious as to how I’m going to get along with this unit in my chest. Seems like it’s placed right up by my left collarbone, with the extension running over the top of the bone. With my body-fat ratio well under 10 percent, you can see the edges very clearly. I’m still cautious in the gym. I don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on the wound — I wouldn’t want that IPG to come popping out of there!

I am looking forward to Thursday and the initial programming.