If I only had stable limbs …

After 11 days with the DBS system lit up, I can return to a daydream I used to indulge in, back when I was shaking too much to hold the babies or was too dyskinetic to drive a car.

How about another Porsche, but with a six-speed? Uh, well, no, not until college is paid for, and WFC begins paying a dividend again. How about driver’s ed at a racetrack? Tommy sent me an e-mail this year about the Porsche driving school somewhere down south. I told him I couldn’t drive the manual, and definitely would not be safe to drive until I knew I could hold the steering wheel with two hands.

So I’m settling on a decent digital SLR camera. I’m not tossing the little point-and-shoot camera that I can stuff in my shirt pocket. But I miss the control and quality I used to get from my old SLR cameras. I’ve been heavily geeking out reading reviews, doing comparison shopping, doing research on vendors. With cameras, it really does seem like you get what you pay for, and I don’t care about using an SLR to shoot video.

I’ll let you know what I can successfully negotiate with Santa. Do you think it would help if I explained it as, “Well, I could get a deal on a nice camera, or hey! Year-end sale at the Automaster!” ?? Maybe not. Maybe it’s the Mirapex triggering an obsessive reaction. Or one of my quests for subject-master expertise, like my flirtation with everything related to graphic novel/comic book. At least I have the Photoshop and design expertise to go with the camera bug … Did you know Norman Rockwell used a camera for nearly all of  his work? He used a projector to cast the image — careful composed, down to the last detail — onto canvas.