DBS Journal: After the second tune-up

It’s been about a week and a half since I brought myself in for the second tune-up. So far, the unwanted movement in my right arm and leg (aka dyskinesia) is greatly reduced — and all we did was turn the power down a tiny bit, from 2.5 volts to 2.3. That’s it. (Except for a tiny bump up on one of the meds.)

Now my right knee is starting to “track” properly when I move it at the gym — when I squat, it lines up over my right foot, instead of trying to corkscrew toward my left ankle. Better balance while walking, too.

My right arm is really sore, especially at the distal (closer to hand) end of the bicep. What’s telling is that the soreness is most pronounced only when I take a full 25/100 tab of levodopa (the drug that relieves the tremor but causes dyskinesia). So I am now left with a choice: stay at the current level, or drop the dosage and get relief in the right arm, but risk an uptick in tremor in the left arm.

Now you’re probably thinking, Isn’t Parkinson’s fun? No, not a bit. But it’s getting easier to ignore it, and hopefully I can continue to do so for a while.

And about that study that showed an average 10-pound gain in weight in the first year post-DBS? I’m now averaging just below 160, a gain of maybe 2-3 pounds, no effect on waist size, so at least it’s all muscle. BMI=22, with body fat percentage still well below 10. Wahoo!