DBS Journal: Device Tuning #3

My third tuning session, back on February 11, hasn’t scored as high on the relief scale as the first two. I’m doing pretty good generally, but I’m struggling a bit more than usual.

First the good news: Most of the unwanted muscle movement on my right side is now gone. That means my right leg no longer rotates uncomfortably inward, and that results in less stress on the knee when lunging and squatting. The similar problem in my right shoulder has also been helped. The unwanted motion in my arm was causing tennis elbow, of all things, but it was responding to physical therapy.

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Yes, that was my doctor!

Ron Alterman, neurosurgeon at Mt Sinai Medical Center in New York, performed a DBS procedure live on national TV yesterday on “The Today Show.” I don’t have a TV. I hope he didn’t mess up! Here is a link.