DBS Journal: Device Tuning #4 (update #2)

I can see a pattern emerging in the device tuning process and aftermath: Initial results are encouraging, but after a week or so some of the unwanted side effects start to edge their way back into the right side arm and leg.

It’s still a good thing, having this hardware in my head. The process feels more like I’m taking two steps forward, then a slow half step back. My right arm is not nearly as sore as it was, although the latent muscle tension is still there. The dystonia in that arm is creeping back. My right knee is tracking better, but not quite as well as the day of the adjustment.

The left side continues to be an issue. Meds control it for about half the day; the other half ranges from mildly uncomfortable to completely unusable, cramped and painful. Surgery within the year? It’s likely.