Rural Broadband: Breakthrough!

After years of delay, dashed hopes, and lame excuses from disinterested companies, residents of rural Hanover have finally found Internet access nirvana — at least those with the technical skill needed to administer a “real” network.

I’m scheduled to have a leased line installed at the house on July 7. A T1 line is the equivalent of 24 phone lines, and it is guaranteed to run faster than cable or basic DSL. I also get a service level agreement that ensures that this line gets fixed first when the big storms roll through here. And the price is cheaper than what I’m currently paying for my lash-up of satellite and cellular service.

I’m holding up on buying equipment, though, until FairPoint can tell me if anything is happening in this area with next-generation (fiber-based) technology. More to come on this topic, I’m sure.