Advanced Imaging Redefining Neurologic Research

New imaging technologies are leading to new insight into the way the brain as a whole is affected by everything from dyslexia to stroke to mental illness, according to a report from the American Neurological Association’s annual meeting this week in San Francisco.

That should be good news to people with Parkinson’s, and the researchers who love them. Dopamine replacement therapy has helped many of us, but it’s never been enough by itself to calm tremors or ease stiffness and rigidity, or help restore cognition. It’s long been apparent that multiple systems are affected by the loss of dopamine, and that there may very well be other neurotransmitters that are out of whack — substances that modern science hasn’t yet identified.

The brain may be yielding its secrets at an accelerating rate, but we still know only a tiny fraction of what’s really in there.

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