Birth and Rebirth

A friend who had the DBS procedure a couple of years ahead of me talks of his anniversary as his rebirth day. For good reason, too: Despite his very advanced condition, he has enjoyed a huge amount of relief ever since.

Yesterday was my rebirth day, and today is my birthday. I’ll get a few birthday well-wishes from family and friends, maybe even a few presents (here’s hoping!). The rebirth day was one spent in reflection, doing a few things that I wouldn’t have been doing more than a year ago. I’ve been learning to play the bass guitar, and I had my lesson yesterday. I had the motivation to prep the Porsche for winter storage the way it ought to be prepped. Raked some leaves, too.

Little things, sure, but there’s a joy in each of them that had been dimmed slightly in past years. Here’s to the coming year and all the joys and trials that it will bring.