It’s almost showtime!

At some point today, I’l get the call from the admitting office at Mount Sinai. At this time tomorrow, the procedure for installing another implant in my brain will be in progress.

The run-up to the surgery has been uneventful. No testing needed this time, just show up and that’s it. It leaves me feeling a bit more disconnected from the process, which has been both good and not so good.

The hardest part has been shrugging off the pre-surgery jitters. I’m in “the zone” where I will allow nothing to bother me. Die-hard optimism has worked for me in the past, and it will work for me again!

Time for the last shower I’ll have for a couple of weeks (!), and to get the protein shake that I’ll be drinking at 9 pm. Charge up the iPod, have it ready in case I’m stuck near a moaner. What am I missing?

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