Why Bookstores are Dying

A well-known author of thrillers passes on a $500,000 advance from his publisher so that he can self-publish online. Not so risky, when his self e-published short story has earned him $30,000.

It’s hard to imagine that kind of success without having had the prior benefit of a publisher’s marketing muscle, but it’s nice to think about. This is a great read:

The Heart of the Matter: Ebooks and Self-Publishing: A Conversation Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath.

After the tune-up: Optimism

It seems that the longer we let the med changes and stim adjustments “bake into my brain,” the more curious it gets. It’s as if there are systems that are on the periphery of what we are stimulating that are taking some time to be fully affected, a delayed, ripple effect.

I’m noticing a reduction in the intensity of my tremor on the left side (we operated on the right side of my head, which affects the left side) — definitely less tremor at rest, and it is increasingly eased during action. Dramatic decrease in tension and rigidity, too. It really highlights the increased muscle tone on my right side — especially the ongoing ache in my right forearm.

Right side is much more dyskinetic (unwanted muscle movement, caused by overmedication) on the right side in recent days. And my right leg is dragging, too, noticeably, affecting gait and some times balance too. I’m astonished that such a small drop in the mirapex could result in such a noticeable decrease in right side performance. Cognitively, I’m dragging a bit, but overall, I’ll take what I can get — and what I’ve gotten is a lot of relief. I am optimistic.