Tune-up number 3: Now we’re getting somewhere

I drove myself to Burlington yesterday for a device-tuning session with Dr Boyd, and I am relieved to say that we are now making progress with tremor reduction on the left side of my body.

It’s a stubborn tremor. Once we found the correct contact (#0, the one at the end of the lead) the tremor kept trying to break through. But if the pattern holds, I should see a steady reduction in the residual tremor in the next two weeks. Hopefully that can be accompanied by a reduction in the Stalevo — at the dose I’m currently taking, my right forearm is getting rather sore.

We didn’t dare turn it up too far — we didn’t want to push too far, because of the dyskinesia that occurred after the last adjustment. But we have plenty of room for adjusting these settings, and the outlook for tremor elimination is now quite good. But any relief, even what I’ve gotten so far during this second surgery, is most blessedly welcome.

So the score now stands like this: The first surgery (on the left side of my head, to control tremor on the right side of my body) was a home run, with tremor nearly eliminated and muscle stiffness, rigidity greatly relieved. The second surgery (on the right side of my head, to control the left side) is now more like a triple, with much relief from muscle rigidity and stiffness, and better control of tremor in the off-meds state. I think we’ll be able┬áto wave this batter through in a week or two!

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