Over the top analogies

Dan  Neil, who writes the Rumble Seat car column for The Wall Street Journal, won a Pulitzer for criticism when he was with the Los Angeles Times. It must have been because of his brilliant use of analogy and metaphor. Consider this gem from his column on the new V-12 Lamborghini (here he’s making a point about the previous flagship, the Murcielago):

The Murce’s battle-hammer handling is well known, and it really did tend to erode the brand with aficionados. Owning one was like being married to a stunning, six-foot model with a lobotomy. People were torn between envy and pity.

From  that same column comes the word of the day: chthonic.

A parting bit from the same column:

Lambo had two top-line goals for the Aventador. The first was to build a supercar with exceptional handling. The second was to underscore the brand’s Italianness. As to the second, mission accomplished. Not since the Roman Legion has anything Italian killed so indiscriminately.


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