New battery coming for Friday

Confirmed today: I have a dead battery in the unit that controls my left side. It has some juice left, but my doctor’s control unit tells us the battery status is ¬†“EOL” (end of life). I guess that’s better than SOL.

A new unit will be installed Friday morning. It’s an outpatient procedure that ought to be complete in time for lunch. The unit will be turned on and programmed the same day. The new battery/pulse generator will allow me to adjust some of the settings, which means fewer trips to the doctor for fine tuning.

Recap: I have two units installed, one in each side of my brain. The unit controlling my right side is fine. Its modest power draw will allow the battery to run another year or two (4-5 years total). However, we need to really crank up the current on the other side to get a similar result. At those levels, we can expect the battery to last a little more than a year.

Pre-op physical Thursday afternoon. I’m getting better with timing the meds at the new levels, but I also have to radically modify my diet. Protein (esp. ¬†dairy and meat) interferes with update of the medicine. Add in the recent heat and humidity, and just maybe I’ll lose a few more pounds to boot.

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