DBS Surgery: First Person Account

What a terrific article, on the Daily Kos web site. He even answers right up top the unasked question I’ve had for so long: Do you need a catheter, and how exactly is that bit of work performed?

Thank you for writing that article. Very well done. I’ve been trying to conjure the reality of the procedure, the details of what will happen, and this piece takes me there like few others I’ve read.

PGATOUR.COM – Interview: Michael J. Fox at Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am


I guess it would take something extraordinary to blast me out of my extraordinary demotivation when it comes to writing. But this interview did it. Not so much the Michael J. Fox bit — although he is an incredible person — but the golfer he played with at this event. 

Tim Simpson is a pro golfer who had to put his clubs away because of his inherited tremor — and who got his game back after having DBS surgery. His account of having the surgery is truly inspiring to someone like me, who is thinking seriously about having the surgery, possibly as soon as later this year.

Thank you Tim, and Michael. It’s time for me to get back on the cart and get serious about this aspect of my life. I’m headed to NYC this week to interview a DBS neurosurgery team. I’m looking forward to it, with much excitement and a bit of dread.